Our Curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and involves careful planning (Curriculum Checklist) and Critical reflection which increases the value of children’s time in our care. We ensure our educational program and practice responds to children’s interests and scaffolds their learning.

Our interpretation of intentional teaching is to expand upon the interests of children in a purposeful manner.

At our centre, educators put a great deal of thought into every decision made about learning environments, small group times and projects undertaken.

We refer to our ‘My Day’ sheets and use this in conjunction with discussions with families and children.

Intentional teaching does not happen by chance; it is planned, thoughtful, and purposeful.

As Educators we use our knowledge, judgement, and expertise to organize learning experiences for children; when an unexpected situation arises (as it always does), We can recognize a teaching opportunity and are able to take advantage of it.

It is important for our centre promote children’s learning by: having holistic practices; being responsive to children; planning and implementing learning through play; intentional teaching; creating positive learning environments; valuing cultural and social contexts and providing continuity of learning experiences and assessment for practice.